Cambridge Hearing & Balance

As a result of our large experience, we have developed a 360-degree approach to the base of skull, dealing with pathologies affecting the lateral, anterior and central skull base.  Open and endoscopic approaches are used to minimise cranial nerve deficit and overall patient morbidity.  Some pathologies might simply require observation and a rescan protocol that monitors the disease without the need for intervention.  Our integrated oncology team will discuss medical therapies and radiotherapy should that be the treatment option you choose.


Effective patient management


We provide a skull base service to a population of over 7 million people but also receive out of region referrals from both the UK and Europe.


Effective patient management should not simply focus on treating the tumour but also care for the patient's overall wellbeing. Our philosophy is to offer the best in patient focused care. Our holistic approach encompasses the management of the morbidity that can accompany skull base pathology including single sided deafness, balance disorders, tinnitus and facial palsy.

There are numerous skull base conditions that are more often than not extremely rare. The commoner conditions that present to our unit include:


  • Vestibular Schwannoma (Acoustic Neuroma)

  • Meningioma

  • Pituitary Tumours

  • Glomus Tumours

  • Temporal Bone Squamous Cell Carcinoma

  • CSF Leak

  • Chordoma