Professor Manohar Bance


Based at:

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital 

Cambridge University Hospital



More Information:

Professional qualifications


Current posts:

Professor of Otology and Skull Base Surgery, Cambridge University, 
Honorary ENT Consultant Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Clinical availability:

Monday pm week 3


Manohar Bance has been a sub-specialist in surgery of the ear for 21 years. He has been actively involved in research in middle ear surgery and how to optimise hearing results for 15 years, run a Eustachian tube disorders clinic for 12 years and is currently involved in research on how to optimise cochlear implant and middle ear implant hearing results. He brings a long history of trying to optimise clinical results by trying to understand the underlying principles and science behind how treatment works. He has been an invited speaker at hundreds of meetings around the world in lecturing on diseases of the ear. He has long experience in revision surgery in many diseases of the ear, having been a tertiary care (i.e. referral doctor) for other general ENT doctors working on the ear.