James Tysome

Conferences 2014-15

British Rhinological Society annual meetingNorwich, April 2th 2014

Developing a 360° skull base surgery service, National NF2 conference, Cambridge, 
June 17-18 2014

Hearing outcomes in NF2, Med-El annual cochlear implant workshop, Austria, January 2014
Cochlear duct length predicts full insertion of cochlear implants

Pan-African Otolaryngology conference, Luxor, Egypt, 11-13 March 2015   

Speaker: The value of NRT in adult cochlear implants, Tumour markers in vestibular schwannomas     Panel: Challenges in cochlear implantation, Managing patients with balance problems.                     

Aural Rehabilitation Outcomes Network, Cambridge, 13-14 April 2015
AURONET; making sense of the methodology                                          

Great debate in bone anchored hearing implants, Copenhagen, 24 April 2015

Speaker: Outcome measures in bone conduction
Moderator: Single sided deafness

Courses 2014-15

East Anglia Sinus and Skull Base coursecourse, Norwich, May 13th 2014
Anterior and central skull base surgery                                         

Regional GP teaching, Cambridge, May 21 2014
Otology in general practice                                                              

Cambridge Advanced Otology Course, Cambridge, June 2 2013
Extended techniques in cholesteatoma surgery                           

Academic cochlear implant meeting, Cambridge, July 4 2014
Future of cochlear implantation      

Advanced Bionics Valencia educational visit, California, USA, 15-16 Dec 2014
Cochlear Implantation services in the UK