Our philosophy is simple. We believe that ears should be dry, pain free and hearing.  Chronic discharge and/or hearing loss caused by middle ear disease are managed using the very latest surgical techniques by a team that accepts complex cases from around the UK. 

All outcomes are audited and the results that will be discussed with you are based on personal surgeon experience.

Our goal is to give the patients under our care an ear that they can get wet, that does not require lifelong cleaning and that hears to the best of its ability. We have extensive experience in the surgical management of ear disease.

Conditions we commonly treat include:

  • Myringoplasty/cartilage tympanoplasty for tympanic membrane perforation
  • Combined Approach Tympanoplasty for Cholesteatoma
  • Management of retraction pockets
  • Otosclerosis and stapedectomy
  • Mastoid obliteration for discharging mastoid cavities
  • Ossiculoplasty (hearing reconstruction)